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Westside: open air exhibition in
Amsterdam Oud-west



Westside is a local project expressing my curiosity for the people who surround me, and my urge to make them visible in their beauty and diversity.

17 of my portraits are hanging on the fence at the corner of the  JP Heijestraat and Borgerstraat in Amsterdam.


Some people on the pictures are friends and neighbors, some others I got intrigued by while wandering in my vicinity and wanted to get to know.

My photo project gave me a good opportunity to approach them. Some of them became new friends in the process.


I believe that beyond appearances and beliefs, there are new communities to be born, based on common goals, values, and



Photography is my medium, what's yours?

I want the project to turn into multidisciplinary collaborations in the future.

I naturally explore the opportunities with the people in my direct neighborhood.

Let’s create together !


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Holy hood! : open air exhibition  in Amsterdam Oud-west.


The Holy Hood! open air exhibition showcases a series of portraits by photographer The peoplezlens and photographs featuring contemporary dance by choreographer Svetlin Travis in collaboration with photographer Mark Forbes.

The peoplezlens and Svetlin Travis live and work in Amsterdam Oud-west.

The expo celebrates street art and urban culture in diverse forms and encourages the viewers to explore the potential of yet non-institutionalized city spaces for artistic expression and creativity.

The artist’s personal initiative challenges the usual commercial exploitation of the street      

walls by the corporate advertisement industry.


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